Monday, October 3, 2011

A Happy Post

Here's to a Happy Post.  A time when I can mark a year passing and honestly offer a whole-hearted 'thank you, more please' to the whole vastness of it all.

To a year that is not synced with any calender year other than my own understanding and milestones.  To a year where I've learned just as much, if not more, than the year before and grown stronger too.  It all shows up so much different than we expect.

A happy post dedicated to the vision being clarified... my purpose being made crystal clear.  A happy post to friends and laughter and so many memories that we tend to forget the minute they are over- hopefully we'll come to relish and appreciate them in due time.

To the happiness of this past summer; bike rides on the water and sunsets and gardens and cooking and warm sun and clean beaches and feet in the sand and peace.

To the happiness of crisp autumn air coming through the cracked windows in the morning, and leaves changing colors into a masterpiece and the brief scent of bonfires in the air.  To new, warm sweaters and scarves and bundling up and cuddles and coziness.

To the happiness of massive undertakings that scare the crap out of us, but we do them anyway.  To drive and passion and walking straight into big fat fears.  To the happiest hope that we will always keep surprising ourselves

To the happiness of a travely girl, as I am, who hopes to accomplish so much on those 5-hr bus rides, yet manages only to stare out the window and dream.  To the happiness of traveling quite a bit, in fact... just as you said you would but never believed you could.

To the happiness of the next few months; whatever it may bring.  To the happiness of being ridiculously blessed, infinitely surprised.  To moving and shaking as only you and yours can.  And to freedom.

To the happiness of a vision bigger than you or I can dream.  To the happiness of a Promise.

To the happiness.. because we all deserve it, right?