Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life in Transit

I will now attempt to write what should have been 1 million separate posts in one.  Wish me luck!

The past three months have proven a theory to me- you get what you give.  The hardest work reaps the greatest return.

The past three months proved to be some of the most challenging and equally rewarding, and I am full to the brim with happy, giddy excitement and a renewed faith in how wonderful this life is and how much there is left to be discovered and explored.

I am a travel-y person in so many senses of the word and the month of November proved to be the most travel-y of travel-y times in my life.  To live on a bus.  To find a sense of home and family in constant motion.  To wake up to a new environment and challenge each day, and yet still feel balanced and peaceful within the chaos... that was November for me.

I loved nearly every minute of being on tour.  I loved seeing new things and meeting new people every day.  I loved falling to sleep in my tiny little cubby, with 8 people within arms reach while the rumble of the bus driving through the night rocked us all into sedation.  I loved waking up and stumbling into sleepy-eyed friends while we waited on showers and fought for the last cup of coffee.  I loved feeling so close to so many people, while we were all so far from any form of home or familiarity.

Mostly, I loved surprising myself, and being surprised by the people that I thought I knew so well.  People change.  They grow.  How often do we actually allow it, though? I saw new strengths and weaknesses of myself on that trip, and saw my friends in new ways that made me smile and love the idea of change in a whole new way.

I was on a journey, and I loved being in transit.  I'm a person who has typically been impatient to get where I'm going; to arrive at the goal, accomplishment, destination with little tolerance for the time it takes to get there.  This time though, I came to love the adventure and the process.  I actually found peace in the process and acceptance of the fact that I had to adapt and learn daily, that I was not perfect, but the journey was teaching me to be better.

I learned that change is good.  It is one of the hardest things to go through, but it has the greatest pay off.

I learned that hard work is great, and the more you dig in the more you end up with in the end.

I don't think you could have told me even six months ago that in my lifetime I would direct and manage a national concert tour.  I don't think you could have told me that I would learn things like how to run a soundcheck, and how many mixes should be in the bands monitors, and how many monitors we need for that matter.  I don't think you could have told me that I'd be interacting with burly concert venue owners who wore gold chains and chain smoked and who came across intimidating and angry, but were actually usually very sweet and kind.  I certainly know I never expected to have found so much love from you, the readers, the fans.  A kind of support that is jaw-dropping and inspiring... and I thank you.

My New Year's Resolution this past year was to let life surprise me.  It certainly has.  I try to be a thankful person regularly, but I am abounding in gratitude for the wonderful adventure that I had this Fall, and the larger adventure that I am on each and every day.

The travels of finding a Home are really about finding yourself at home in your own skin.  From there, you are free to be anywhere.

The today-me is different and new from one year ago-me or 5 years ago-me, or even 3 months ago me.  I'm looking forward to meeting 1 year from now-me.  And I hope you all are looking forward to meeting future-you as well.

Change is good, friends.  Find peace within your life of transit.