Monday, February 6, 2012

Underdogs Always Win

Though this may seem to be off the topic of "Finding Home" I think it is exactly on target, because sometimes it is feeling the most out of place that forces you to zero in on your true self.

I cannot wait to raise my sons and daughters to be underdogs.  Now, I dont in any way wish upon them the insecurities, teasing, bullying and other mean bullshit that comes with that, the nonsense that I myself remember all too clearly from Junior High and High School, but to be honest- underdogs win in the end.

I wish every slightly nerdy, bullied, lonely kid in young adult education could be told and realize that they are probably being set up to be the luckiest of them all.  Because when you are an underdog you fight.  you get tough, you focus your energy on things more important than what you are wearing and who you are gossiping about... you focus on making things.  You focus on what you are passionate about and what you want to become.  You focus on making the world better for the poor underdog kid who is going to come behind you.

And when you make things, when you change things... you change the world.   You become amongst the most popular and influential of people and you win because you did it by being true to yourself.

Here's to the underdogs... throughout history they've almost always won and I like to think they always will.

Here's to the future leaders; they are laughed at now but they will be the last to laugh ;)