Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If The Right One Came Along

I've been neglecting this lovely "home", and I'm oh so sorry.  Ya'll are beautiful and worth my time... I'll be better, I promise!

So many wonderful contributions are coming in, and I thank you! Im sorting through them now and can't wait to include some of them in this lovely project that you've all so graciously taken up.

So anyway:

This song has been playing on repeat for me today:

It inexplicably took me back to a home that I had forgotten.  When I was in High School, in my senior year, I used to cut class... a lot.  My best friend and I would sneak out and jump in to her runaway car.  We'd spend a bit of time perusing a book store for new poetry to inspire us, or new music to fuel our dreams.  Then we'd head to The Spot.   The Spot was magic.  Each time we tried to go there we got lost, as if it continually changed geography, protecting itself from being overexposed.    It was an alcove, vine-covered and romantic. Magical and inspiring in its simplicity.  We would go there to feel a sense of something greater... a sense that there was a world outside our knowledge and understanding.  A world that had once been inhabited by Davinci, Einstein, Van Gogh, Dylan, ... and Kerouac.    

It was nothing really.  A stony outlook entrenched in vines.  But it was ours.  When we were lucky, the daffodils would be blooming in the field nearby and then we were truly happy.

Something about this song reminded me of those times:  times when I would go to that stony outlook, skipping spanish class, because I felt that daydreaming about my future beloved was far more worth it.

I remember how tender my heart felt at that time.  Precious little secret that it was, so ready to be snatched up, yet patiently waiting in the twisting vines of that secret spot.

This song takes me back to that home:  a home that can never be the same, because me and my heart have changed.  It was a home at one time, though, and so it will forever be.


  1. I love your blog. And I love this song.

    I should be doing homework right now, but I think I'll just take a dive into your archives... Haha.

  2. Something about this sounds intensely familiar. I have a spot very similar to that, and I've never been able to put the feeling I get from being there into words, but clearly you have managed it. Once again you amaze me, Julia. Thank you for this, it reminds me that summer is coming and soon I will be able to return to that home of mine.

  3. I think I understand what you meant here. I believe everyone had had a place close to their heart that they now look at with some kind of nostalgia.
    Nostalgia has a bad connotation, but I think it fits here. It's remembering us at a good moment of our life. It doesn't mean that you're at a bad one now. It just means that you're happy to remember where you come from, and to see how you've changed, evolved.
    I truly look forward for more contributions on this amazing, thought provoking project!

    Side note, since apparently you love quotes, here is one I've found today. By Rafael Alberty, a Spanish poet. (The translation is made by me, I couldn't find an official, better sounding one)
    "You need to be blind, have fragments of glass in the eyes, lime, boiling sand, not to see the light that shines through our actions, which illuminates from within our language, our everyday words."